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  1. Taner says:

    River in the lower section is plagued with didymo. Started noticing some at one of the early exit points near where three fellahs joins woolsheed creek. It gets worse as you go down. It is possible to stay dry as you exit three fellahs, cross the creek and exit. Plan ahead and have a cleaning solution.

    • jen powell says:

      Much of the wind fall has cleared now.

      • Gort Stephan says:

        We’ve been down Woolshed creek with a group of six on 24/11/13. The anchors all appeared fine. Quite a few fallen trees in the lower, more open, section of the canyon, but no new obstacles.

        • Chucky says:

          Descended 11 Mar 12,

          Several of the pools that were previously swimming, are now full with gravel! There’s hardly any compulsory swimming at the moment. Also there is evidence of relatively recent rock fall (earthquakes?)

          All the main anchors remain in good condition.

          Trip report here; http://www.kiwicanyons.org/?p=736

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