Tiny T Canyon v4a2II

General area:Arthur’s Pass
Character:Lower flow option from Temple Basin Ski field. Approx 5 smaller pitches with 1 beautiful 47m pitch. Could be a good option if water levels were too high in neighboring canyons. Narrows after the high pitch eventually joining the creek from Temple Col canyon.
Start of the canyon (topomap link):Start of Tiny T canyon
Carpark (google maps link):https://goo.gl/maps/hFintjYGUHkxTfH2A
Highest waterfall:47m
Suggested gear:2x 60m
Canyon dimensions:
Anchors:Natural anchors and Double Bolts
Approach time:1 hr
Descent time:2 hours
Back to your car time:45mins
Approach by car:Park at Temple Basin carpark beyond Arthur’s Pass township.
Access:Public access
Approach on foot:Established walking track up to the ski field. The creek is accessed by the first bridge.
Canyon descent description:The top part has a lot of downclimbing. The quality of the canyon improves on descent, the highlight being the 47m drop.
It narrows to a short gorge then joins the stream from Temple Col canyon.
Committment/Escapes:The stream has some gullies near the top one could escape from.
Other notes:Good for a short afternoon outing so you’re back at the Village before the cafe shuts.
First descent:James Abbott, Grant Prattley, Nola Collie 28 December 2020.

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