Tim’s Stream v3a2I*

Public access in Cragieburn Forest Park.

2 pitches, approx 8m and 12m

Half day trip

A small but very beautiful limestone gorge, with easy access and some impressive cliffs. More of a scenic stream walk than pure, this would be a great place for beginners to practice canyon skills without getting too committed or dealing with anything too technical.

Access via Cheeseman skifield road and park at Hogs Back Track carpark. Walk down the obvious terraces until you reach the larger menhirs on the true right (green line). Descend down the bank to the stream. Return via a reasonably steep scramble along the red line: If you go too far you’ll be blocked by the marked bluffs on the map.

Another option could be to use 2 cars, and stream walk all the way down to SH73, but hasn’t been done as of writing.

Best done after a little bit of rain; the photos show a ‘high’ water level, which allowed with a few small slides to be done.

A couple of bolted drops, and a descent to the stream below under a large limestone cliff.

Easily done in a morning from Christchurch; catches the morning sun nicely 😉

First canyoning descent Nola Collie, James Abbott and Steve Walker, 24 December 2016.

Thank you to Nola Collie for the information and photos.

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  1. Rachel Smith says:

    Great half-day trip. Good beginner trip in low flows.

    – At the first downclimb one bolt has sheared off, the other is in tact (this downclimb is bypassable but fine without a rope at the flow we had)
    – We did not see any bolts at the first rappel, used a tree
    – Bolts in-tact for second rappel

    • Date -12/02/2023
    • Water level -lower than normal
    • Anchor conditions -we did some repairs
    • Group size -5
    • Time: approach/descent/return (eg: 1hr/4hrs/3mins) -20mins/2hrs/40mins
  2. Christian Miller says:

    Surprisingly good, definitely not a beginner trip in higher flows but should be easy otherwise. The anchor for the second pitch is set quite far back so a 50m rope is necessary.

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