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  1. Christian Miller says:

    Everything mostly straightforward, lots of algae (probably didymo) makes some of the rappels very slippery though.

    • Date: 06/03/2021
    • Water level: normal
    • Anchor conditions: All in good condition
    • Group size: 5
    • Time: approach/descent/return (eg: 1hr/4hrs/3mins): 1hr/4hr/1.5hr
  2. Andrew Watson says:

    We descended Three Fellahs on 1st April 2017.
    All bolts in place.
    Group of 6 – really nice trip – most of the raps are easy to access safely. On R2 its handy to use another rope to get to the bolts, and there was another rap with a similar situation. Flow was low but fun – nice rainbows.

    Could not see the dead tree anchor mentioned in comment – first anchor is chain around living tree – solid. Rest are bolts into rock.

    The 30m rap is a bit longer than 30m since it ends on slipper slab – – prob 33m would get you to a safer spot.
    I noticed less wasps in the area for this time of year -perhaps vespex is working!

    • jen powell says:

      Gort and HughMac descended just before Christmas after doing Trifalls the same morning sans the last rap. They had some trouble with getting a rope stuck, but I’m not sure where. The 30m raps are truly 30m. Gort discovered his rope may be less than a full 60m.

      Six of us descended Three Fellahs 18-Jan with three ropes. We woke up to frost on our tent in the car park. We replaced some of the webbing. I wasn’t too fond of the dead tree anchor. It is solid enough now but is pretty rotten. Our 60m ropes were long enough and we didn’t have any sticking rope issues.

      Lovely canyon.

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