Raven Canyon v5a2IV**

110m (3x60m)
Public access

An adventure canyon; multiple rappels, handlines and downclimbs often back to back. Relatively open, steep stream.

Black Miller Canyon v3a2II*

Public access

Black Miller Stream is a short fun canyoning trip which is not difficult in normal flows & so is an excellent trip for experienced canyoners to introduce beginners to the sport or to break up a road trip through Kaikoura with a short diversion.

Waima Gorge

Download Research sheet for Waima Gorge Landowners are reluctant to grant access via the vehicle track to the north. (Long daytrip option) However, Andrew Watson and friends gained permission for a 3 day Gorge Tramping trip via Isolation Hut and Zoo Hut. Looks like a classic gorge float/scrambling/tramping trip, rather than a pure canyoning trip. A…