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  1. Patrick says:

    Canyon is ok, not one I would rush out to do again but nice to have done. All bolted anchors were fine, one webbing anchor no good so replaced, added another webbing anchor in another spot as jump looked no good to do. The large amounts of down climbing/walking take away from the canyon, as there are some nice features in there, but tons of open space between them. Deep pools only towards the end. Canyon is quite slippery throughout as well. Water flows were low (less than in photos).

    Note on entry and walk in: DO stay close to the canyon rim for the walk in, we tried, but not hard enough and did not take that note from the topo as seriously as we should have. If following canyon rim perfectly- 1.5 hrs walk in. The mini canyons you have to cross if you stray to far are serious hassles in terms of time wasted. Do not let a single gully get between you and the canyon!

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