Ruamahanga Lower Gorge Trip Report

Although it rained all the way from Palmy to Mt Bruce, the weather actually cooperated for a trip down the Ruamahanga Lower Gorge.
I was looking forward to seeing what it had to offer, since I’d not yet done any of the ‘Classic’ Gorge trips in the Tararua’s yet.
Strolling into the Tararua’s via access accross farmland

After an easy 2hr walk in, via a mostly flat track, we were at the main southern tributary, where we suited up. Wandering down to the main river, we were soon greeted by the first gorge.

Chris and Lara having fun and trying to keep warm

The first gorge was alternately deep greep pools bounded by bedrock, then boulder garden rapids with small gravel beaches. The flow was only 5 cumecs for our trip, which made many of the rapids a bit ‘bony’ but we had good fun anyway, despited bruised behinds..

We didn’t take any Tyre Tubes and didn’t have problems. However, next time I’ll try to catch the flow a bit higher (10-15 cumecs) and take a tube… The rapids would be quite exciting then I reckon…

Amazing deep green pools in the true gorge section 

After a couple of hours, the gorge walls receeded and the trip became a simple float/walk down a normal river. Still, it was a great day out and well reccomended!

Check out the CanyonTopo sheet for the Ruamahanga Lower Gorge on the website!!

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