Rawle/Raules Creek v4a2II

General area:Mt Peel
Character:We lost count of the endless small waterfalls, [>25] and descended in the mist with no visibility whatsoever. A couple of the top drops are bolted then it was fast and dirty natural rigging to get down the creek!

At the very end it appears quite canyonlike with slight steepening sides, but it is shortlived.
Start of the canyon (topomap link):https://www.topomap.co.nz/NZTopoMap?v=2&ll=-43.80573,171.177893&z=14&pin=1
Carpark (google maps link):https://goo.gl/maps/Nc9a1ZwN8TYU8GsKA
Highest waterfall:30m
Suggested gear:2x 40m
Canyon dimensions:700m vertical
Anchors:Top waterfalls are double bolts, remaining natural anchors with sling or no anchors
Approach time:3hrs
Descent time:4hrs
Back to your car time:10mins
Approach by car:Easy to find, 10mins past Mt Peel village
Access:Public access
Approach on foot:Park by the bridge, access is via the Rawles Gully Track which has markers and then up the obvious fenceline to the top.

Follow steep Rawle Gully track to the top of the hill where it flattens out and descend to the obvious gully.
Canyon descent description:A little tricky to know, as with the exception of the top 2 rappels, everything else was descended with low to no visibility! Access to the get in has a lot of Wild Spaniards.

A long descent with a handful only of rappels higher than 10m. Many drops we combined. We lost count of the number of smaller drops- too high to downclimb, but high enough to require an abseil. Or we chose to abseil as it was faster.
Committment/Escapes:Possible to escape in many places.
Other notes:On the topo map it is named Rawle, but the sign on the bridge says Raules…. You choose ;0)
First descent:Grant Prattley, James Abbott, Nola Collie January 2022

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