North Falls Canyon v5a2IV**

Highest drop 80m

Public access


A great vertical, reasonably low flow canyon. The three impressive 80m waterfalls are clearly visible from the road. The canyon is well worth the drive to get there.

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First descent: Pete Choate, Oscar Hadley, Stuart De Haas, Lee Den Haan, Richard Bramley 30/11/2017

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  1. Nichola H says:

    A very scenic and wild canyon that looks like it doesn’t get a lot of traffic. The rock can be VERY slippery, particularly in the upper section. The bushbashing is benign with fairly mature beech forest although the descent into the watercourse involves some thick ferns. Don’t hesitate to traverse climber’s left on the ascent, as sticking to the ridge gets you into some steep and bluffy terrain. Two of the pools of R3 now have some rope-eating logjams in them; best to break it into separate rappels using the debris as anchors. The bolted anchors on the last three waterfalls are all in good condition.
    An enjoyable trip!

    • Date -28/12/22
    • Water level -normal
    • Anchor conditions -All in good condition
    • Group size -2
    • Time: approach/descent/return (eg: 1hr/4hrs/3mins) -3HR/7HR/30min

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