Little Mt Peel Stream v3a2IV

3x 20ish m pitches (1x 60m rope)

Public access (but surrounded by farmland, see the WAMS map to ensure you stay on the public land).

Most of a day

Probably not going to see lots of repeats, but a record here to show it’s been explored nonetheless. Adventurous trampers might enjoy the loop the most ;0)

“A good day adventure exploring a bedrock stream with a long walk out!

It was a 34 degree day and there was very little shade on the walk in, so we nearly had sunstroke by the time we reached the water!

Once we had gained the ridge height we needed to be careful to descend the scrub and bush without moving too far downstream. After one bluffy abseil we reached the stream.

There are 3 waterfalls all together one after the other with little walking in between. Average height 20m. The stream then joins Lynn Stream and from here to the highway is a long walk with some refreshing pools.

There is one final low waterfall in Lynn Stream that you can possibly climb around. There is a single bolt there.

  • Nola Collie

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