Kaumira Canyon v3a3II**

Highest Drop 20m

Time 3hrs

Public Access

One of the classic beginner canyons of the Canterbury region. Some nice short/medium pitches, big pools and jumps.

Run commercially by BigRockCanyons. Open public access, but a courtesy call/email to the guiding company is requested and will be appreciated.

Ph 0800 Big Rock (0800 244 762) or email info@bigrockadventures.co.nz

Thanks to Dan Clearwater and Grant Prattley for the Topo information.

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  1. Erwan says:

    Fun Canyon! Worth doing if you are in the area! Well bolted! And a good canyon to introduce your friends to canyoning!

    • Date - 4-4-2023
    • Water level - normal
    • Anchor conditions - All in good condition
    • Group size - 2
    • Time: approach/descent/return (eg: 1hr/4hrs/3mins) - 1Hr / 1 HR / 10 min

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