Holts Creek v4a4IV**

Highest drop 40m


Public Access

Holts Creek is a big day in a remote alpine canyon. It is bolted but come with natural anchor rigging materials. The upper canyon starts with pool drop waterfalls. The only escape is a scree mid-canyon before giving way to enclosed steep walls. On the way down make sure to look back up the canyon at the spectacular series of waterfalls.

Recommended for experienced canyoners and strong teams.

First descent: Grant Prattley, James Abbott, Nola Collie March 2017. Photos by Nola and James, Topo by Grant.

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  1. Ben Ellis says:

    Stunning Canyon. Worth the effort. Great work Grant, Nola and James!

    Some anchor repairs/replacements will be needed during the next descent (unfortunately we weren’t well equipped to carry out repairs/replacements). Hopefully we can assist next summer.

    R2: Hanger is missing from one bolt, which is loose.
    R7: Both bolts are missing their hangers.
    R8: Belay bolt/hanger (TR) used to access R8 is missing (but wasn’t required for our descent in low flow conditions).
    R9: Bolt/hanger missing (we bypassed using the R9 anchors)
    R12: Both hangers missing from the TR exit (but the alternative tunnel exit is OK).

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