Hells Gates Canyon v4a4III**

40m (3x40m minimum)


Private land: Permission required

Spectacular in nature; many features encountered during descent are at the nominated overall grade and would be harder if the flow was even slightly higher than low summer flow.

First descent: The lower canyon was explored and descended in part 5 & 6 February 2020 (Justin Hall, Gabriella Scheufele, Steve Bruerton). When the upper canyon was explored an existing DBA was found at the top of R1 and a handline anchor found back from the top of R3. It is unclear what had been explored and what may have been descended previously in the upper canyon as further anchors were required and installed in the upper canyon. The first full descent took place on 15 February 2020 (Justin Hall, Jonathan Carr, Steve Bruerton, Hamish Castle, Koryn Gould).

Thanks to Justin Hall for the photos, video and topo.

Download the topo for Hells Gates Canyon v4a4II** and view a video featuring the canyon

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