Freds Creek v4a2II*

Private land: access permission required.

A low flow granite canyon, which includes one really nice pitch which may benefit from a rappel guide in some flows . Can be combined with California Dreaming canyon.

Unknown start altitude… watch this space 😉

Access is via private land. Call Rosalie & Des Shaffrey on 03 7380154 to arrange access.

First Descent: Benoit Gourgues, Anne Karschunke, Richard Bramley. 2017

Thanks to Richard and Beniot for information.

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  1. Christian Miller says:

    A good adventure in a strangely varied canyon. Most of the distance is fun scrambling on open granite slabs, with lots of small downclimbs, slides, and swims. There is a short enclosed gorge between R1&2, R2 is very nice and scenic. Anchors are both logs, plus some small stacked boulders for R2. R3 is from a tree high on the TL and is very exposed and intimidating at the start, but not hard at all. Would estimate slightly longer than 30 m. Below this there is a short section of gorge and more open features continuing down to the paddock where you begin the walk up.
    The approach is not particularly hard but we didn’t use a GPS and initially begun in the open section above R3, thinking it to be the start, then had to walk up further when we realised. The landowners are nice and allowed us to drive very close to the end of the canyon.
    The water level was lower than in the pictures.

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