Canyon Creek v5a3IV**

2x80m ropes

Full day

Public access (boat required)

A fantastic canyon in high-quality Diorite located in the wilds of Fiordland. The canyon is broken up into a few different sections, with some river walking between sections, but expect good quality canyoning in the unbroken sections.

This is a wilderness canyon in Fiordland: so expect changed conditions and expect to be replacing lots of anchors. This canyon has been bolted exploration style on a mixture of single bolts and rock bridge dyneema threads.

This would be a great canyon to combine with a weekend at the hut with a rod, good mates and a few beers. 


This canyon requires 2 boats to get to the end of Lake Hankison. Fiordland outdoors operate these boat shuttles out to the end of Lake Hankison where the hut is. It is fairly straight-forward access to the canyon from the hut and as this canyon should only be attempted by those with strong navigational skills, I’ll leave the details out.

One hint I will give, look in the hut book for clues, enjoy the Adventure!

First descent, February 2023: Leo Ga, Bree Greasley, Sid Tinney, Jason Bilsborow, Pete Choate, Leo Tregret.  

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