Mangaturuturu Canyon v3a2I*

Public access

Shallow, low angled canyon with plenty of escapes. Short, sweet and great for beginners.

Brumms Creek v4a3III*

Private land on the access route: permission required.

‘U’ Shaped fault line canyon with plenty of short to moderate rappels.

Haehaenga Stream v3a2III*

30m Public Access Steep, Low flow Stream accessed via the Bald Spur summit track from Te Aroha Domain. It is advised to park a shuttle car at the first bridge heading south out of town on Te Aroha-Gordon Road to avoid a long walk back to town at the end of the day!Natural anchors and…

Tui Canyon v3a2I*

Public access

Short and sweet, with easy access and low flow: this is probably the most descended canyon within range of Christchurch!

Raving Torrent v4a4V*

Public access

3hrs in, a number of slides and jumps, and a bigwater swim exit.

Bridges Creek v5a4V*

Private land: permission required

Inconsistent canyon, but with a couple of cool features.

Lake Creek v5a4V*

Private land: permission required

A hard approach to a canyon which isn’t as good as it looks from the road, but still worth doing.

Thigh Burn v4a2III*

Whole day
Public access

Long, steep scrubby approach to a steep, low flow stream with an enclosed section at the end.

Andrews Stream v2a2I*

Public access.

Moderate flows, short but sweet. Suitable for experienced canyoners to introduce beginners to the sport.

Goldilocks Creek v3a2II*

Public access

Great introduction to vertical canyoning – low water flow, user friendly features and anchors, and can exit almost anywhere.

Banks Creek v1a3I*

No absiels
Public access

Nice lower gorge and some jumps, worth climbing up after a trip to Devils Creek.

Middle Wakamarina v1a4I*

Float trip
Public access

Big jumps (from the rim) and long swims. Able to combine it with several of the other canyons/gorges in the area.