Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you very much for submitting a canyon to this site; the community depends on contributors to keep the database up to date.

Have any photos & topos?

Due to some people having errors when uploading larger files by this form, please email any photos & topos as attachments or download link direct to us:

If you can, please rename your photos “Canyon name -feature name- photographer name” before you send them. It helps us keep track of things in years to come.

A good number of images is between 4 and 12. A size guide would be maximum of 2Mb per photo. 1600px is a good dimension for the longest side, but we’ll resize them if we need to!

What happens next?

One of the moderators of the site will take a look at your info, make any minor tweaks needed then get it published. If we need more info, or ask any questions, we’ll be in touch soon!

Otherwise you’ll get an email telling you when its published with a link to the new page

Then you’re encouraged to share the new page to the facebook group to get the glory ;0)

Thanks again,

Dan Clearwater, founder