Wilberhorse Canyon v5a3IV***

Required Rope:  1x110m and another 110m of rope. 
Private access, permission required (see topo)

The Lion King v4a3IV*

Highest drop 40m Public access 6.5-8.5hrs A classic case of a great wee canyon with a sub-optimal walk in. An all round adventure that begins with a river crossing then a boulder hop/bash, followed by dense young Beech saplings. Man, I’m really selling it! The canyon is open for the majority of it’s length and…

Takahe Stream v5a3IV**

Highest drop 61m (2x50m ropes, hanging re-belays) Private access up the Wilberforce valley. Notes on access in the canyon topo. 5-8hrshrs Some big pitches, with hanging re-belays in a beautiful greywacke canyon. First Descent, Tom Johns and Keiran Chandler, 15 Feb 2017. Thanks to Tom Johns for the photos and topo information. Download the Draft…