Surly Creek v4a3III**

Adventure canyon
Public access

Pretty good trip but quite a bit of down climbing and boulder hopping.

Carew Creek v4a3I*

Public access

Short, steep granite canyon with interlinked waterfalls and plunge pools. Semi-open, medium volume.

Wesley Creek v5a3IV***

124 m (2 x 70 m ropes)
10 hours (5 hours up 5 hours down)
Public Access

Steep alpine canyon, with large multip-pitch rappels.

Brumms Creek v4a3III*

Private land on the access route: permission required.

‘U’ Shaped fault line canyon with plenty of short to moderate rappels.

Red Granite Creek v4a4III***

Public access.

A fantastic, open granite canyon with big waterfalls and big pools. Jumps galore into west coast coca-cola coloured pools. 

Griffin Creek v3a5IV***

29m (2x60m)
Public access

Big, watery, beautiful, long, technical.. Jumps galore into pumping whitewater. Huge pools, powerfull waterfalls… This canyon is a pure gem in NZ!

Barrack Creek v4a4III***

Public access

Barrack Creek is a steep, aquatic and vertical alpine descent. Polished rocks, deep green pools, the back to back nature of the waterfalls, and the fantastic end series of rappels makes this a classic three-star canyon. Make sure you have suitable experience and a strong team.

Big Wainihinhi via Wainotinoti v4a4IV***

Public access

his trip has it all. A staunch multi-sport approach. Back-to-back high waterfalls in Wainotinoti. And finally, the jewel in the crown – jumps and whitewater problem solving in the slotted Big Wainihinihi.

Waterfall Creek

The canyon was called Waterfall Creek, and terminated directly opposite Maruia hot springs. This was the appeal of the canyon, because if it was a good one you could do a winter mission and then jump into the hot pools at the end! Anyway, it was a three hour slog up the true left side…

North Falls Canyon v5a2IV**

Highest drop 80m Public access 6hrs A great vertical, reasonably low flow canyon. The three impressive 80m waterfalls are clearly visible from the road. The canyon is well worth the drive to get there. Download the North Falls Topo First descent: Pete Choate, Oscar Hadley, Stuart De Haas, Lee Den Haan, Richard Bramley 30/11/2017

Backstair Creek v3a3III*

Highest drop 28m Public access Tricky access to a moderate flow, v-shaped canyon with sustained waterfalls. Average to Poor quality rock (schist) and a few big (dangerous) logjams. Download first descent notes Backstair Creek canyon topo feb2016 – By Richard Bramley

Monkey Puzzle Gorge v2a4III*

There is more information on this canyon available, but I’ve not had time to process it. This page is a ‘place holder’ designed to indicate the canyon has been descended. More info will be posted once I get round to it! Happy Canyoning! Chucky