Raspberry Creek

Apparently this has been done a fair few times, and regarded as ‘not bad, although a bit dirty’. The canyon is on Mt Aspiring station, so permission is required for access. Plenty of other better canyons in the area; this record is mostly for historical recording purposes.

Lodge Creek

Not an official name, just close to the ‘Lodge’ on the Topo map. Apparently its been checked out by locals, and it was apparently an ok canyon, but it got hit by a slip in the 90’s which ruined it. Who knows, it might have cleared out by now… Surrounded by private farmland, see WAMS website for…

Macpherson Creek

Apparently its been checked out by locals, who say they found nothing of interest. No idea how high they started though. No photos available.  Surrounded by private farmland, see WAMS website for details.

1601 SE Canyon

Done previously as an Ice climbing route in winter. Sounds like its worth a descent. Steep, back to back drops with carved rock. Access permission required. Download research sheet for 1601 SE Canyon – Matukituki