The Slide Hustle v1a3II***

No mandatory absiels – a slide-fest! 6hrs round trip (2hr/2.5hr/1.5hr) Public land This canyon is all about the slides. FOURTEEN of them in total, up to 16m long, plus the option to climb back up and lap a sweet section of five slides. Three start sliding bliss on Mt Ruapehu. First descent, James Judd, Sacha…

Mangaturuturu Canyon v3a2I*

Public access

Shallow, low angled canyon with plenty of escapes. Short, sweet and great for beginners.

Pukehinau Canyon v1a2I*

No Drops, swimming only 1hr Public Access Short, deep and beautiful limestone and conglomerate swim canyon. A full description can be found in the Canyoning in NZ guidebook.