Little Deep Creek v4a2II

Public access 4hrs A few pitches to 40m or so, with a few wee slides and contrived jumps..  Not very continuous, lots of boulder scrambling. Not really worth repeating. You can take a look at the original topo notes for Little Deep Creek if you’re keen.  

White Creek v4a2II*

Highest drop 50m Public access 4hrs Nice easy half-day canyon trip. Fairly open, granite waterfalls. Low volume, so not many pools. Highlights are a nice 50m waterfall and a jump into the Buller river to finish! First descent: Benoit Gourgues, Richard Bramley, 11 Jun 17.  Thanks to Richard for the CanyonTopo Download the White Creek CanyonTopo

Pea Soup Creek v1a3I*

There is more information on this canyon available, but I’ve not had time to process it. This page is a ‘place holder’ designed to indicate the canyon has been descended. More info will be posted once I get round to it! Happy Canyoning! Chucky

Mt Murchison Canyon

Lots of open drops seen from highway whilst driving Access permission requried for exit path. Apparently descended in early 2019. “Mt Murchison (James Scoltock & crew) – The creek on the true right of the access road. Had been partially descended previously and then bailed. This time completed. Apparently really nice in the lower sections,…