Table Creek v4a3VI**

75m | 12hrs+ | Public
Abel Tasman National Park

A canyoning marathon through the center of the Natioanl

Waterfall Creek v4a4III**

Public access: Courtesy call to guiding company requested.

More open, granite slab canyon, with lots of technical downclimbing and some excellent slides up to 17m.

Evans Creek v3a3V*

Public access

A remote, adventurous canyon that is made doable in a long day by the Project Janzoon trapping lines. Probably only worth the effort if you like the idea of exploring a rarely seen beautiful part of the park. You could potentially do Evans, Table, Waterfall over a few days.

Falls River v4a5III**

Public access

Water taxi access to a moderate to high flow canyon. A short sharp vertical section followed by a more open, fun and mellow section. Lots of jumps and big pools.

Wainui River v3a4V*

Public access

Long, difficult bush bash to a high volume river/gorge with lots of walking and some jumping.

Torrent River v3a4III*

Highest drop 14m Public access, but courtesy call to Abel Tasman Canyons guiding company requested. Ph 0800 86 34 72 The guides will have the latest info on waterflows, anchor conditions and any new hazards. A call helps avoid traffic jams, and helps to keep everyone happy whilst sharing this wonderful place. 5hrs Water taxi access…