Rough Creek v5a2III**

Highest drop 65m

Public access


Rough Creek is a steep, vertical alpine descent. Its quick access off the avalanche peak track makes this a classic Arthur’s Pass canyon. The canyon features a series of committing and long near back-to-back pitches with around 350m of descent in half a kilometre.

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First descent: Grant Prattley, James Abbott, Nola Collie, Anthony Alford, Gabriela Scheufele Mar 2019.

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  1. Christian Miller says:

    The sharp edge on R8 badly damaged my rope. Not a problem if you’re careful but definitely be careful. Otherwise everything is good, some anchors have webbing so bring some in case it needs replacing.

    • Date - 19/01/2023
    • Water level - lower than normal
    • Anchor conditions - we did some repairs
    • Group size - 2
    • Time: approach/descent/return (eg: 1hr/4hrs/3mins) - 2h/~3h/45m

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