Canyoning in NZ Guidebook


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The guidebook is back!!

We have partnered with Lulu publishing to offer high quality print-on-demand copies of the original 2015 guidebook.  We’ve received copies of the finished product, and the quality is almost identical to the original print run.

Updates and corrections are found on the trip page for each canyon on this website. A summary can be found on the guide book updates page.

Don’t forget; canyons change! Always check on this website for updates to descriptions.


About the print-on-demand book

  • At present, we can only sell 1 copy at a time, shipped to NZ or Australia. If you want more copies and/or shipping elsewhere, contact for a quote. 
  • Production and shipping is fulfilled through Lulu:  if you have problems, please ask them first, and if things are still not right, please contact and I’ll try my best to make it right.
  • Current print/delivery time is about 3 weeks from order to arrival at your door. 

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