Ithsmus Peak Canyons

There appear to be 3 canyons coming off Isthmus Pk and into Lake Wanaka – accessible only by boat. Have good shape, canyon exits similar to Camp ck and Waterfall Ck just to north. However the rosehip and bracken make the approaches too formidable many.

Little Jordan Stream

Waterfall tramping, appears to be a few drops and a short gorge, but quite a way from the road. Download the research info sheet  Little Jordan Stream

Belmont Trig Stream

Perhaps suitable as a introductory ‘waterfall tramping trip’ A couple of marked falls in a very small stream. Public access, perhaps a little gorse/scrub to negotiate… Download research sheet for Belmont Trig Stream

Waitawheta Gorge

Public Access, Waitawheta Gorge, Kaimai Ranges. Volcanic rock, looks like a promising swim/jump/float trip.  Track access. Download research sheet for Waitawheta Gorge  

Otoutahi Stream

Private land. 70m deep canyon where road crosses the streamway! Good access via road, but on private property, so permission required Download research sheet for Otoutahi Stream

Mangamawhete Stream

Public access Seen whilst rock climbing. Download research sheet for Mangamawhete Stream

Kaukore Stream

Public access near Pipiriki Mostly horizontal canyon, through mudstone (papa) Anchors could be very challenging in the weak ‘rock’ Download research sheet for Kaukore Stream

Hawk Creek

Just from the look on the Topomap. Public Access from Kokatahi River track Download research sheet Hawk Creek

Smithy Creek

Just from the look on the Topomap. One very large waterfall seen in Google Earth, location correlates to a very steep section seen on topomap. Looks open, bouldery below the major drop, can’t seen in above it. Very large catchment. Probably very committing. Public Access from highway Download research sheet  Smithy Creek

Murcott Burn

Looks interesting on Topo. Good track access. On google earth, one major open fall seen at first major steep section. Looks like there is a bit of debris below the marked slip. Lower section below the forks could be interesting… Public access Download research sheet for Murcott Burn

Mt Murchison Canyon

Lots of open drops seen from highway whilst driving Access permission requried for exit path. Apparently descended in early 2019. “Mt Murchison (James Scoltock & crew) – The creek on the true right of the access road. Had been partially descended previously and then bailed. This time completed. Apparently really nice in the lower sections,…

Waikukupa Canyon

Lots of open drops seen from highway whilst driving Whole area is open access. Download research sheet for Waikukupa Canyon – Fox Glacier