Kauaeranga Gorge, v2a3III**

Highest drop 5m

Public access


Interesting tramp to a spectacular gorge, with a number of classic narrow canyon sections and numerous small jumps and swims.

Yards Gully v4a2IV**

Private land: permission required.

No further info available, other than it was surprisingly good, with some narrow steep and deep sections.

Rough Creek v4a2III**

65m (2x70m)
Public access

Rough Creek is a steep, vertical alpine descent. Its quick access off the avalanche peak track makes this a classic Arthur’s Pass canyon. The canyon features a series of committing and long near back to back pitches with around 350m of descent in half a kilometre.

Canyon Creek v4a5IV**

2x50m + 1x30m
Public access

Uncompleted descent of a committing alpine slot canyon, with continous high flow features.

Muriel Creek

First descent by Justin Venables, Richard Bramley et al. December 2018. No further info available at this time

Wairere Falls v4a2I**

Highest drop 50m (three pitches on a 153m waterfall!) Public access 3hrs30mins Wairere falls is the highest waterfall in the north island officially measuring in at 153m. The descent is spectacular and exposed with great views out over native bush and the nearby Waikato countryside. Due to the exposed nature of the falls, strong wind…

Tunakohoia Canyon v4a2II**

32m Public access 6.5hrs Tunakohoia is a little gem of a canyon nestled in the hills behind Te Aroha Township. Generally low flow, this is an ideal winter trip as you are not required to spend long periods in the water. The canyon is a lot of fun after some rain when the flow increases…

North Falls Canyon v5a2IV**

Highest drop 80m Public access 6hrs A great vertical, reasonably low flow canyon. The three impressive 80m waterfalls are clearly visible from the road. The canyon is well worth the drive to get there. Download the North Falls Topo First descent: Pete Choate, Oscar Hadley, Stuart De Haas, Lee Den Haan, Richard Bramley 30/11/2017

Chandler Stream (Lower) v3a3II**

Highest drop 16m Public Access 3 hrs Probably the best bang for your buck trip in the region. The lower section of Chandler Stream is quite short but of high quality: continuous, beautiful and enclosed. Reminiscent of Haast Past canyons. Download the Chandler Stream Lower Topo

Takahe Stream v5a3IV**

Highest drop 61m (2x50m ropes, hanging re-belays) Private access up the Wilberforce valley. Notes on access in the canyon topo. 5-8hrshrs Some big pitches, with hanging re-belays in a beautiful greywacke canyon. First Descent, Tom Johns and Keiran Chandler, 15 Feb 2017. Thanks to Tom Johns for the photos and topo information. Download the Draft…

Hut Stream v5a3IV**

Highest drop 88m  (Multipitch waterfall with 2x60m ropes) Private access, notes on permission in the topo 8-9hrs A very vertical outing in a remote and spectacular canyon! Thanks to Tom Johns for the information, sketch topo and photographs. Download the Draft CanyonTopo for Hut Stream  

Peak Creek v6a4IV**

Highest drop 50m Public access 8-10hrs The test piece of the Top of the South! Reasonably short but very technical canyon. All abseils have strong vertical flow and its either difficult or impossible to avoid getting your arse kicked! That, plus the hanging belays, deviations, serious poor-overs, and tricky pack management make it a challenging…