Lower Wakamarina Gorge v1a4I**

No rappels: float trip
Public access

Medium Volume float trip with lots of jumping opportunities, usually combined with Doom Creek.

Doom Creek v2a3II**

Public access

Low volume horizontal slot canyon with a few down climbs and swims. Good for beginners. Lots of options in the valley for combining with other trips

Campbell Creek v1a3I**

10m (1x20m)
Public access

Easy access to a mellow, but fun and very beautiful stream. Lots of medium to small jumps.

Zig Zag Creek v4a3III**

55m (2x60m)
6-8 hrs
Public Access

Steeper, more open schist canyon, with 14 drops and a few jumps.

Memorial Canyon v4a2II*

50m (2x60m)
Private land: permission required

Multiple rappels in an open lower flow canyon. The obvious must do canyon when viewed from Memorial Hut.

Hells Gates Canyon v4a4III**

40m (3x40m)
Private land: permission required

Spectacular in nature; many features encountered during descent are at the nominated overall grade and would be harder if the flow was even slightly higher than low summer flow.

Birdcage Canyon v4a3III**

45m (2x50m)
Private land: Permission required

An exciting aquatic canyon in an alpine environment with the comfort of a hut and all you have driven in by 4wd at arm’s reach. Great when combined with Memorial Canyon.

Mill Creek v4a4II**

Public access

A very high volume canyon, with huge pools, big jumps and dangerous water features.

Falls River v4a5III**

Public access

Water taxi access to a moderate to high flow canyon. A short sharp vertical section followed by a more open, fun and mellow section. Lots of jumps and big pools.

Kauaeranga Gorge, v2a3III**

Highest drop 5m

Public access


Interesting tramp to a spectacular gorge, with a number of classic narrow canyon sections and numerous small jumps and swims.

Yards Gully v4a2IV**

Private land: permission required.

No further info available, other than it was surprisingly good, with some narrow steep and deep sections.

Rough Creek v4a2III**

65m (2x70m)
Public access

Rough Creek is a steep, vertical alpine descent. Its quick access off the avalanche peak track makes this a classic Arthur’s Pass canyon. The canyon features a series of committing and long near back to back pitches with around 350m of descent in half a kilometre.