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  1. Andrew says:

    Went through 12 March 2017. All bolts in place.
    Special place!

    • Tom says:

      Awesome canyon! Someone’s put new anchors on all 4 drops (all 1 bolt with ring, 1 bolt backup), which makes it an easy trip 🙂

      • jen says:

        decided to take a peek while the neighborhood last week. the tourist track was impassable due to windfall. it was cold and we weren’t very enthusiastic about pushing through.

        i hope the “nearest big tree” survived. might want to bring your bolting kit…

        • Chucky says:

          According to Philip Beech, from a descent in early Jan 2013;

          “Carews water falls and slides are spectacular r1 missing a nut last rap missing nut and hanger. The nearest big tree required 120 m of rope.”

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