Tui Canyon v3a2I*

Public access

Short and sweet, with easy access and low flow: this is probably the most descended canyon within range of Christchurch!

Andrews Stream v2a2I*

Public access.

Moderate flows, short but sweet. Suitable for experienced canyoners to introduce beginners to the sport.

Twin Creek v5a2III***

35m/40m/70m (2x60m)
Public access

A long alpine canyon (3 sections), with good access and great views accross to Mt Rolleston.

Temple Col Canyon v4a2III*

Public access

Steep and inescapable after the first drop. Some very beautiful waterfalls, very sheer and steep rock walls and views to Mt Rolleston.

Halpin Creek v4a2III*

Public access

Halpin Creek is a steep alpine descent. Its scenic approach and descent has impressive views of the peaks and valleys of Arthur’s Pass. The finale is a long, exposed pitch with some sharp rock near the top requiring care — another adventure right off the highway.

Black Miller Canyon v3a2II*

Public access

Black Miller Stream is a short fun canyoning trip which is not difficult in normal flows & so is an excellent trip for experienced canyoners to introduce beginners to the sport or to break up a road trip through Kaikoura with a short diversion.

Richardson Stream v3a2IV*

Public access

A long adventure to a stream with some canyon features which are small and well-spaced. Probably more of a half star canyon, maybe worth doing if you’ve done everything else in the area and you’re after a long-off track waterfall tramp. 

Bealey’s Black Canyon v3a2III*

Public access

Bealey River is a steep alpine descent. Its scenic approach has great views of the peaks and valleys of Arthur’s Pass.Anchors are mostly bolted. The rock is fractured and loose in parts as the area is subject to multiple large avalanches in winter off the side of Mt Rolleston. Leave any descent to later in the season to let the avalanche debris melt.

Little Jordan Stream

Waterfall tramping, appears to be a few drops and a short gorge, but quite a way from the road. Download the research info sheet  Little Jordan Stream

Lagoon Saddle Canyon v4a2III*

Highest drop 47m Public access 6hrs This canyon is a rewarding day out with some great abseils in a straightforward multi-pitch canyon. The canyon anchors are bolts with a few naturally rigged. The upper canyon starts with two abseils back to back. There are plenty of escapes all the way down. The highlight is the…

The Lion King v4a3IV*

Highest drop 40m Public access 6.5-8.5hrs A classic case of a great wee canyon with a sub-optimal walk in. An all round adventure that begins with a river crossing then a boulder hop/bash, followed by dense young Beech saplings. Man, I’m really selling it! The canyon is open for the majority of it’s length and…

Pegleg Creek v4a3III*

Highest drop 47m Public access 8.5hrs Pegleg Creek is a big day in a semi-remote alpine canyon. It is mostly bolted but be prepared with natural anchor rigging materials. The upper canyon starts with open waterfalls with easy escapes before giving way more to enclosed steep walls. On the way down the valley there are…