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Sleeping God is an excellent canyon in the Kauaeranga Valley. It has been an established canyoning route for a long time. Its quality, proximity to Auckland, ease of access and bolted anchors means that it is getting a large amount of attention from people who may not have the right skills.

Sleeping God is a moderate to hard canyoning adventure, that requires canyoning skills, experience and correct equipment.

At the minimum, there must be two people with sufficient canyoning experience in each group.

Sleeping God is NOT a canyon to ‘try’ as your first canyoning trip. True, many people who perhaps shouldn’t be there manage to get through, but doing so without the right gear and skill is certainly asking for trouble. There are other trips in the region (such as Wentworth Falls) that are much more suited to first time canyoners.

Commercial trips are run by CANYONZ almost daily. If you’re unsure about your skills, there’s no better way to learn, than to go with a guide. If you read all this info and still insist on going, then we respectfully ask that you make a courtesy call to the operators before hand.

A CanyonTopo for Sleeping God Canyon is available directly from CANYONZ on request.

Also, a full description can be found in the Canyoning in NZ guidebook.

Russell Hodgson, the co-owner of CANYONZ had this to say on the Facebook Page

“Kia Ora/ Hi All Kiwi Canyoners,
Wayne and I are running Canyonz – The Sleeping God Canyon in the Kauaeranga valley, Coromandel and I just wanted to say a massive thank you to those of you recreational canyoners that have contacted us prior to heading into the SG Canyon. We really appreciate it! As you can all imagine there’s nothing better for our clients than feeling like there’s no one else for miles! When you are in an amazing place, it’s even better when you have it all to yourself. Lately we’ve seen a big increase in traffic as Canyoning takes off, plus it’s so close to Akl. We don’t have a problem with this but it’s good to know:

-Who’s in there and that they are competent enough for the Canyon (particularly when the waters up)? Is someone trained and competent at on rope rescue.

-What day and time people are hoping to go through? (we can let people know when we’ll be where and work it so we can avoid each other)

-Do they have enough equipment with them to get through safely?

Also, we’re keen to share info such as any new issues/hazards that exist, and likewise if you see anything that’s not right that we haven’t seen.

I’m fearful due to SG being so well known and accessible people that do not possess the necessary skills are jumping in here and so far getting lucky… Personally I believe if 2 people in the party possess good skills and have plenty of experience then most canyons could be achieved safely, but where there is just one person with average skills with a group of newbies to the sport, this can be a very dangerous combo…

Anyway, Thanks again to those letting us know – 0800 422 696 it’s even a free phone! or if email is better for you.

Cheers, Russ

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