Ore Stream v4a5IV***

This canyon is fully described in the Canyoning in NZ guidebook.

Guidebook updates

R1 is now double bolted (10mm stainless tru-bolts)

the R4 label is used twice, (once for the actual R4, and then for what should be R5). This might cause some confusion when reading the topo and the description.

The description (3 paragraph, page 405) should read:

R4 has a ‘dry’ landing on a ledge, which can then be easily downclimbed. R5 has been slid on the TR, but the margins for a safe slide are very small. There is a very deep undercut on the TR of this pool, where the waterfall enters the pool. “

Below the real R5, there is now a single ‘belay’ bolt on the on the TL ! traverse to the J5m. This allows you to be on belay whilst traversing a slippery slope to the jumping point.

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  1. Maarten Haenen says:

    Descended canyon on 03/01/18, waterflow was sweet (3 fingers underneath mark showed in guidebook). All anchors in place and still in good condition. Some hard to reach.
    It looks like the tree that’s in the pool at the first big jump (J6 – see pic on p.401 in the guidebook) has moved (fallen down towards the waterfall), which results in jumping over the tree. This is a technical jump, landing real close to the poor over in a small surface.
    It might be useful to place an anchor on this point to make a safe descent in higher water flows.

      1. Jeremy Borrows says:

        30-1-18 the log is where it has always been, it hasn’t moved. This is a technical jump and as with the entire canyon requires an very experienced team of Canyoners working togeather well to decend safley.

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