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  1. Dan Clearwater says:

    A crew replaced the damaged bolt in early january

    • Date: Jan 2020
    • Water level: normal
    • Anchor conditions: we did some repairs
  2. Dan Clearwater says:

    Update from Boulvert Renaud 14 December 2019.

    One of the bolts on R7 has been damaged and was removed. If you have the skills and equipment to replace that bolt to create a suitable 2-bolt anchor, please do so!

    • Chucky says:

      Update from Ben Ellis, March 2019.
      J 6m btween R6 and R7 (upper section): We believe a small section of the canyon has fallen in. A few large rocks are visible from a small slip out of the photo on TR. Anchors all OK but J 6m was shallow (more of a down climb).

      – R14: Top bolt spinning in hole

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