Awapoto Stream

Placeholder post: ” Awapoto Stream (Chris W, Toine H, Mark C, Richard B) – likely the final first D in Abel Tas. A high-quality canyon, although access is long. Will write up the topo one of these days” Richard Bramley, Mar 2019

Devils Creek v3a2II*

Highest drop 25m Public access 4hrs Varied and scenic waterway with a handful of nice features, separated by plenty of walking. Download the topo for Devil’s Creek by Dave Ryan.

Taipo Creek v3a1II*

Highest drop 35m (R30 plus DC5m) Public access 3hrs Steep waterfall stream with numerous small – medium abseils concentrated in 500m of streamway. First descent: Dan Padial, Chris Stephenson 18/1/19 Download the topo for Taipo Creek, by Chris Stevenson

Cupola Creek v4a5IV***

More info yet to come… First descent by Richard Bramley, Lee den Haan , Adrian Paris and James W Scoltock  January 2018.

Little Deep Creek v4a2II

Public access 4hrs A few pitches to 40m or so, with a few wee slides and contrived jumps..  Not very continuous, lots of boulder scrambling. Not really worth repeating. You can take a look at the original topo notes for Little Deep Creek if you’re keen.  

White Creek v4a2II*

Highest drop 50m Public access 4hrs Nice easy half-day canyon trip. Fairly open, granite waterfalls. Low volume, so not many pools. Highlights are a nice 50m waterfall and a jump into the Buller river to finish! First descent: Benoit Gourgues, Richard Bramley, 11 Jun 17.  Thanks to Richard for the CanyonTopo Download the White Creek CanyonTopo

St Ronans Well v2a3I*

Highest drop 7m Private land, permission required 1hr30 A very short canyoning trip. It’s very enclosed and scenic, which makes it worthwhile. Medium volume, with short rappels and downclimbs. Easily repeatable in a day. Download the St Ronans Topo

Slippery Nipple Canyon v3a2III*

Highest drop 30m Public access 7hrs Steep low volume stream suitable for intermediate canyoners. Lots of rappels, some picturesque. Download the Slippery Nipple Topo

Juicy Falls Canyon v4a3IV*

Highest drop 67m Public access 9h30 Medium flow canyon with beautiful steep, clean abseils. Steep sidewalls in most places. Overall a good, challenging vertical canyon. Download the Juicy Falls Topo