Sawyer Stream v4a3II**

Highest drop 42m

Public access


Short, steep and sustained set of waterfalls through a solid sculpted greywacke.

A full description can be found in the Canyoning in NZ guidebook.


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One Response to Sawyer Stream v4a3II**

  1. Andrew Watson says:

    Myself and David Rowley descended this 19th March 2017
    All bolts in place.

    top bolts require a slightly tricky mantle onto scrub ledge, we used a 50m tied to a 60m to rap the first two falls and used the rope to continue the down climb before pulling the ropes at the r2 bolts -since the large bolder is quite close to another drop.

    Old weir and pipe line is interesting! Assume the old huge steel ring is anchor for R3.

    The good thing was we could get to a place at the end of each rap where we could visually communicate to the person at the top.

    we took 4 hours 20min.

    Thanks again for the great guide book.

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