Awapoto Stream

Placeholder post: ” Awapoto Stream (Chris W, Toine H, Mark C, Richard B) – likely the final first D in Abel Tas. A high-quality canyon, although access is long. Will write up the topo one of these days” Richard Bramley, Mar 2019

Gordon’s Knob

Placeholder post; Gordons Knob (James Scoltock & crew) – The steep stream off point 1114. Didn’t sound very good (confirming the views of Ferg Bramley’s recee some years ago)

Devils Creek v3a2II*

Highest drop 25m Public access 4hrs Varied and scenic waterway with a handful of nice features, separated by plenty of walking. Download the topo for Devil’s Creek by Dave Ryan.

Taipo Creek v3a1II*

Highest drop 35m (R30 plus DC5m) Public access 3hrs Steep waterfall stream with numerous small – medium abseils concentrated in 500m of streamway. First descent: Dan Padial, Chris Stephenson 18/1/19 Download the topo for Taipo Creek, by Chris Stevenson

Halpin Creek v4a2III*

Highest drop 75m Public access 8h30′ Halpin Creek is a steep alpine descent. Its scenic approach and descent has impressive views of the peaks and valleys of Arthur’s Pass. The finale is a long, exposed pitch with some sharp rock near the top requiring care — another adventure right off the highway. Download the latest…

Rough Creek v4a2III**

Highest drop 65m Public access 7h45′ Rough Creek is a steep, vertical alpine descent. Its quick access off the avalanche peak track makes this a classic Arthur’s Pass canyon. The canyon features a series of committing and long near back to back pitches with around 350m of descent in half a kilometre. Download the latest…

Yards Gully

Descended summer of 2018/19. No further info available, other than it was surprisingly good, with some narrow steep and deep sections. On private land, permission requried.

Green Island Bush Canyon

Canyon is on private land, permission required from Dingle Burn Station. First descent by Peter Choate, Kaden Anderson, Taylor Redd, Derek Steffens (and maybe others) February 2019.