The canyons of Canterbury are mostly steep alpine streams, characterised by multiple absiels and amazing views.

However, the Mt Sommers area features canyons carved in Rhyolite, as Sommers itself is an ancient volcanoe

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AreaCanyonGradeStarsTimeMax drop
Orari GorgeAndrews Streamv2a2I100hr (20min)10m
Mt SommersThree Fellahs Canyonv4a2III106hrs40m
FoothillsTui Canyonv3a2I102hrs17m
Mt SommersWoolshed Creekv3a3III205hrs15m
Mt SommersSharplin Fallsv3a3II105hrs25m
Lewis PassSylvia Fallsv3a3I101hr17m
Arthurs PassTwin Creekv4a2III105hrs50m
Mt SommersTri Falls Canyonv4a3III106hrs40m

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