The Mt Aspiring region is clearly NZ’s premier canyoning region.

Deep Schist slot after deep Schist slot. Always with abundant, clear and cold water, these canyons often have tricky off track access and can be very technical to descend.

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AreaCanyonGradeStarsTimeMax drop
LandsboroughBirch Creekv4a4IV212hrs17m
Haast PassCross Creekv3a4II304hrs22m
Haast PassMathers Creekv4a6IV309hrs28m
Haast PassRobinsons Creekv4a3I303hrs25m
LandsboroughPurple Creekv3a3IV110hrs20m
Haast PassWilsons Creekv4a5III306hrs25m


These canyons must not be under estimated. Apart from one or two of the smallest canyons, trips in this area are a considerable step up from most of the other canyons in NZ and must not be descended without experience in high flow canyons.

For anyone who has the slightest doubt about thier skill level, you should definately go with someone who has decended that particular canyon before.

There are two main areas for canyoning. Firstly, Canyons accessed of State Highway 6, which goes over the Haast Pass. Here, the classic canyon trio begins with the extremely fun Cross Creek. Robinson Creek is the next step up in challenge and beauty, with Wilson’s Creek only for those experienced in high volume technical canyons. There are dozens more canyons, and most are much more difficult, long and dangerous than Wilson’s Creek. This is not an area to take lightly.

Secondly, Canyons on private farms in the West Matukituki Valley. Several of these canyons are run commercially by

At this stage, access to the private land canyons for recreational canyons is not possible. Keep an ear to the ground at the KiwiCanyons forum for discussions and updates.

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