South Island

The South Island has an excellent selection of world class canyons, in a variety of rock types and styles.

Golden Bay’s Granite has mostly open streams, but with carved pools and solid rock.

The Mt Owen Massif is a meca for Cavers, but also has some wonderful limestone slot canyons.

The West Coast has huge potential for Canyons, from the bright white granite ‘island’ ranges like those found by Lakes Brunner and Kaniere, to high volume Schist and Greywacke canyons, possibly only accessable by Helicopter.

The Canterbury region has steep alpine canyons with plenty of drops and great views. Also the Mt Sommers Rhyolite slots are a geological oddity in the area.

The Mackenzie Basin is on the border of the Southern Alps Greywacke with the Haast Schist zone. High alpine canyons with spectacular backdrops.

The Mt Aspiring area is clearly NZ’s premier canyoning region. Deep Schist slot after deep Schist slot. Always with abundant, clear and cold water, these canyons often have tricky off track access and can be very technical to descend.

Fiordland is the final frontier of Canyoning in NZ. Extreme mountaineering approaches, dizzyingly high drops, ultra hard Diorite (Grey Granite) extremely bad weather and huge water volume. This area only comes into season briefly and only some years.

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