Lower North

The Lower North Island canyons fall into two main catagories.

Firstly, ‘Waterfall Tramping’ trips, which often involve steep remote streams, with lots of waterfalls, but not continuous slot canyons. These usually considerable effort to access and may appeal more to a keen ‘Off track tramper’ than a Canyoner used to roadside classics. However, they feeling of remoteness is wonderful and is usually accompanied by a feeling of having had a pretty good amount of exercise.

Secondly, the Tararua Ranges have the largest concentration of classic ‘Gorging’ trips in NZ. These involve tramping into a rivers’ headwaters, then tramping, scrambling and floating out on tyre tubes.

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AreaCanyonGradeStarsTimeMax drop
TararuasChamberlain Creekv3a3VI217hrs 15m
TararuasHutt River Gorgev1a4III108hrs00m
TararuasNumber One Canyonv3a3IV109hrs26m
TararuasOtaki Middle Gorgev1a4VI148hrs (2 d)00m
TararuasRuamahanga Lower Gorgev1a4III105hrs00m
TararuasRuapae Fallsv4a2V113hrs37m
TararuasTauherenikau Lower Gorgev1a4III107hrs00m
TararuasWaiohine Middle Gorgev1a4VI272hrs (3 d)00m
TararuasWaipehi Canyonv3a2VI121hrs (2 d)26m
TararuasPhillips Streamv3a2IV110hrs25m
RimutakasEager Beaverv4a2IV209hrs45m

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