About CanyonTopos

CanyonTopo is the collective term used for a summary of information about a particular canyon. It usually includes both a written description and a graphical representation of the canyon.

To learn more how to make CanyonTopos, see the Submit a Canyon page.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the CanyonTopo are as accurate as possible, users need to be aware that most of the CanyonTopo are made from notes taken during a single descent. Scribbling and sketching quickly on a waterproof notepad whilst trying to keep moving fast through an unknown canyon can lead to omissions or errors.

CanyonTopo are not intended to lead you step by step through a canyon. Rather, they should be used to determine wether or not your party has sufficient time, experience and equipment to attempt a canyon.

Take any description with a large grain of salt. Even better, take a pencil with the description and make improvements to send back to us!

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