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Yards Gully

Descended summer of 2018/19. No further info available, other than it was surprisingly good, with some narrow steep and deep sections. On private land, permission requried.

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Green Island Bush Canyon

Canyon is on private land, permission required from Dingle Burn Station. First descent by Peter Choate, Kaden Anderson, Taylor Redd, Derek Steffens (and maybe others) February 2019.

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Canyon Creek, the upper section

First explorations by Toine Houtenbos, Alain Rohr, Peter Choate, Kaden Anderson, March 2019

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Thar Creek

First descent in March 2019. Toine Houtenbos, Alain Rohr, et al.

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Raven Canyon

First descent by Justin Hall, Hamish Castle, Antony Alford, Gabriela Scheufele and Jonathan Carr, March 2019. Photos from the original Facebook post are below;

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