About this site

KiwiCanyons.org is the web portal for

Recreational Canyoning in New Zealand.

As Recreational Canyoning grows in popularity in NZ, we aim to develop this site to be the first port of call for those interested in Canyoning in NZ to find route information, partners, access, techniques, courses, guides, gear and more. Join the KiwiCanyons.org Group on Facebook to keep in touch with the NZ Canyoning community and the latest updates to this website.

If you are new to Canyoning, we suggest you first visit the Canyoning FAQ page. If you wish to share information about a Canyon you’ve done or you think is worth a look, please visit the Submit a Canyon page.

We hope that you find KiwiCanyon.org useful, but be aware that any information on this site is subject to our disclaimer.

And remember to CHECK, CLEAN, DRY your gear to keep our Canyons Didymo free!


KiwiCanyons.org is a work in progress!

KiwiCanyons.org is the first website that I’ve ever made. Not only has it been a bunch of work to learn how to build the site, but a huge amount of work collating all the information and trying to keep things consistent, accurate and up to date.

The amount of information on this site will grow over time, but right now the goal is to get the bare minimum out there so others can responsibly learn about Canyoning in NZ.

If you think something is wrong or can be done better, you are probably right. Please contact us  to make constructive critisim!


Why have I bothered to build this site?

After getting into Canyoning by mistake in the Tararua Range in 2005, I was hooked on the sport and set up the Kiwi Canyons Yahoo! Forum to try and find more places to Canyon and more people to Canyon with.

Through the forum, I was able to find people to explore Canyons in NZ, as well as join trips to canyon overseas in Australia, the USA and Europe.

After seeing how Canyoning has developed as a sport overseas, I wondered why the sport hasn’t taken off here. New Zealand has huge potential for world class Canyoning and although there are not too many people regularly canyoning, the sport is slowly starting to grow.

KiwiCanyons.org is my contribution to the development of the sport in NZ. By sharing information such as location and beta for the classic Canyons, basic technical advice, information on courses and ways to find partners, this site provides a starting point for those interested in taking up the sport in a safe, responsible way.

There are an almost limitless number of canyons out there yet to be found. By including the location of potential canyons and those that have been done but not well documented, it is hoped that others will visit and document these places so others can visit too.

My vision is to help grow this sport safely and responsibly, so that others will get to experience the beauty, fun, challenge and adventure of Canyoning in New Zealand.

See you in the Canyons,

Daniel ‘Chucky’ Clearwater


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